A Piece Of Timber

The story of the simliarities we have with a piece of timber. Who would have thought. What are the possibilities.

tall tree
It starts it life off as a simple sapling growing into a towering majestic tree.
When it has reached its maturity, it is cut down, stripped and sliced into timber to be used in construction or used to fence in our livestock. This piece of timber gets weathered by the sun, rain and the seasons until its beautiful smooth surface, its intriguing grains and textures are barely recognizable. It no longer resembles strength or stability, even though it is still holding on, doing its job, despite all the neglect it has been subjected to.  On the surface it appears to be old and not worthy of the original use for which it was purposed. On its appearance only, it will be discarded, deemed to be of no use or too hard to handle, too time consuming to resurrect. Doomed to the scrap heap.
stripped tree
old wooden fence gate thom gourleyflatbread images llc
To the uneducated or ignorant, this piece of timber is no longer functional. If we look we will see that this beautiful piece of timber is only weathered on the outside. It core, the fundamentals of its integrity are still the same, if not better, as they were all those years ago when it was first purposed.
broken house
We are similar to this tree. Starting small and growing tall and strong towards the light. Taking direction from those around us leading us to a grander purpose. As a tree or as a friend, giving shelter, food and shade to those in need of what we have to offer. There will be the ones who come to cut us down and strip us of all our limbs, belittling us, molding us into what they want us to be, so we are able to yield to their needs and wants. When our purpose seems to be no longer relevant they will discard us quickly, with no gratitude for all we have done. It is then we must repurpose ourselves.
repurpose mirror
Like a weathered piece of timber, when you strip away the layers of years of neglect and damage, you will find that you have become stronger than you were in the beginning. Your inner beauty is uncovered and will mesmerize all who venture near. The possibilities are now endless of what you can become. The difference between you and your piece of timber is you have the ability to choose. You are in control of your destiny. Parts will be discarded as we prepare to reshape, repurpose and rebuild ourselves. What is discarded is burnt, to let go of the old, and to allow a warming of the soul, as we slowly devote ourselves to the new and exciting reinvention.
reclaimed timber bar1
old timber chair
hip key racks
Oars recycled