12 Months On…


Patti Dodd

29 July 2019

Can you believe that 12 months has past since my final cancer treatment? It seems like so long ago but at the same time it seems like only last week. When I sat and thought about the adventure I was forced into at the beginning of last year, I can hardly believe all that I have achieved. 

In saying that, it was time to give myself some recognition and a big old-fashioned pat on the back. I was formally diagnosed with T Cell Lymphoma non-specific in February 2018 and by June of 2018, after the chemo treatments, I was in remission. My specialist said that it was my positive attitude and my mindset that enabled me to bounce back so quickly and so well. A stem cell transplant was required in August to minimize the reoccurrence of this major disruption to my life and was to be my final treatment of this adventure. Easy to say most of 2018 was organized around appointments, treatments and recoveries.

I consider myself to be very independent and a bit of a “I can do it all by myself” kind of person. I am friendly but yet keep people at a distance, which I call self-preservation. What I did not contemplate was the amazing and positive people I surrounded myself with, (but kept at a distance) would not settle for taking a back seat at this time in my life. I had previously put up invisible walls but these little suckers knocked that wall down and barged on in. I had obviously forged relationships and friendships and touched these peoples lives in some way, and I possibly would have seen this if my head wasn’t so far up my arse of independence and I can do it on my own mindset.

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My HILARIOUS friends visiting me in hospital.

These incredible people came to surprise me, supervise me, take care of me, helped me to do as much as I could on that given day, they cooked and sent gifts to raise my spirits and let me know they were thinking of me. They let me know how much I meant to them and they opened my eyes and my heart. 

I had no alternative, other than to pull my head out of my arse, and when I did, I discovered a wonderful circle of incredible people surrounding me, supporting me and encouraging me to do, and be my best. It was a bit overwhelming at first, but I embraced it, then loved it and truly appreciated it. My heart was overflowing with gratitude and love, and I feel so incredibly lucky to have these people join me on this journey called Life.

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I know that if it wasn’t for the loving kindness gifted my way through that time, I am positive that my body and mind may have not performed as well. To every person in my life, in my circle and in my tribe, I can not thank you enough for all the loving kindness you have shown me. What I have learnt is that we should never assume that because a person appears to be strong or independent, doesn’t mean that love, kindness and support isn’t needed or appreciated, and that when we band together to love and support one another, anything is possible. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am forever blessed with the memories.

The most terrible rap group in history, making me cry and near piss myself laughing.

To celebrate our milestone, I thought it would only be fitting to offer a service to the supporters. THE FEET. Our biggest supporters. The ones that carry us when we are tired, the ones that lead the way, the ones that take us forward and the ones that bare the burden of the weights we hold onto. The feet take care of us. Their purpose is to help us with balance, assist with our posture, they absorb force and shock/vibrations therefore limiting other body parts getting injured. The toes grip onto our thongs and grip into the sand or mud when walking and the toes play an integral part of our balance. Our feet support us from the time we can walk (about 1 year old) to the time we can no longer stand (about 80 years old). That’s like 79 years of support. Personally, I will be treating my feet at least once every year. They had their pamper last month, so this month I can assist you with giving your feet the pamper they deserve.

To celebrate, for the month of August, I am offering a special of a FREE 30-minute foot pamper with every 1 hour-massage to let the feet know they are truly appreciated and loved. Online bookings available through our website, just click the button below.

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“We walk like a tripod fashion, where the big toe knuckle, the fifth toe knuckle and the heel, have a tripod walking ability,” Dr. Wenjay Sung, attending physician at White Memorial Medical Group explains. “If you remove one part of that tripod, you lose balance.”