By nature I am a lazy person. You see, I work best under pressure. You know. Getting the things done that have to be done and leaving the rest for another day. A lick and a promise.
Things have been a bit slow of recent weeks, coming in bursts I spoz you could say. More event style things than bookings or appointments. I still make sure that the dishes are done and the house is clean enough in case anyone does call or wants to make an appointment. I had had enough of my own company for a while and had achieved all the little things, so I plucked up the courage and brain washed myself into thinking that a thorough clean of the house today was going to be a good and fun thing to do, and that it really wouldn’t take that long. Dusting, pulling the furniture out and cleaning behind it, skirting boards, etc. Too easy. Haha. Boy, what a surprise or should I say shock. I think I had been doing the lick and a promise thing for longer than I had realized. What I had thought might take an hour or so, ended up taking me much longer than anticipated when I first decided to embark on this task. I had a graveyard of fly’s and cockroaches under the furniture and the spiders were making beautiful homes and building me new wall with their webs. Not quite that bad, but you get the drift.
Then I Gets To Thinking.
Does this kind of behaviour flow over into our everyday lives? Do we leave the hard stuff for another day because we just don’t want to deal with it today, it will take too much effort that we just can’t be bothered with or there is something more exciting and interesting to do? Shiny things syndrome. For myself I must be honest and admit it is a yes from me. As a yoga teacher and a massage therapist, I am always sprooking about the importance of moving your body daily, stretching out the tight areas of the body, being more mindful in our daily routines and just generally listening to our body’s and taking care of them. I think it is about time that I took some of my own advice and started to do some of this stuff myself. I was sick for most of last year, and this year has been about rebuilding my body and strength. I do my yoga classes and perform massage, but must admit, I haven’t done much else. I kinda figured that what i was doing was enough and I would just build back up slowly. Yep. Truth be told, I was just plain lazy and giving my health and wellness a lick and a promise.
Last year my massage therapist, that I see for my self care and well-being, moved away and I knew I was going to have a hard time finding someone else that resonated with me. I knew it was time to do something as I had not been taking my own advice to do the stretches and correct the way I was doing things as it was to boring and there were so many other more interesting things to do, so I would just turn my focus to something else. If I was sore or achy, I might have a quick stretch or prod a certain muscle for a moment and think that was enough. But who was I kidding? It was a lick and a promise. So I took off my lazy pants and got to doing the things that I suggest to my clients and made an appointment with a massage therapist, whom I have fortnightly appointments with now. The poor bugger has got his work cut out for him now, as I had not done the right thing from the start and there are some areas on my body that are going to take a bit of time to be corrected. So we work together to achieve the best outcomes and this also means that I have to put in the effort as well. Not the lick and promise thing but the do it properly the first time, so I don’t have to go back to the drawing board in the future. The thing is, when we leave things too long they only get worse. A sore shoulder can turn into bursitis and this can then lead to surgery. No one wants that. A few hours of your time over a few treatments (by the health professional of your choice) this month may sort a problem or restriction in your body, but if left, could see a few weeks or months off work recovering from surgery.
The saying, lick and a promise, originated from the older style homes and painting them before a sale. So rather than going to the effort of sanding and filling in the gaps and replacing anything that looks a bit dodgy, the defects were covered up behind a lick of paint. Under that lick of paint, the timber may have still been rotting and the rust eating away at the steel, but it looked good. If this had been performed previously, and before that again, the job at hand for the poor bugger who decided to do it properly, was huge. We are no different to the house. We get an ache, pain or injury, and we tough it out,or we get some liniment and rub on it a few times, or simply safe guard it until the discomfort eases. But, underneath what we see on top, things could be deteriorating slowly. Maybe, the strain we had put on our body has turned into tension and we might find that our range of movement has decreased or other areas that had been assisting in the protection mode, are now having their own issues. As we get older we too. like the house, need to be regularly maintained. If you have been to someone before for maintenance, and you did not have a great experience, please don’t be deterred, keep looking for the person or modality that fits with you. You, your body and your family will not regret it. Regular maintenance helps to keep us moving and functioning for longer, so that we can enjoy a greater quality of life for longer. I understand that sometimes it is hard to justify spending the money on one self, but I can assure you, that with regular maintenance as we age, you will still be standing when others are falling down around you. Just like the house.
In summary. A little bit of extra time spent today doing the things that we don’t really like, but have to be done, will create more time, space and energy for tomorrow.
Don’t do the lick and promise thing. Get it all sorted properly the first time and let life surprise you in spectacular ways instead of shocking the pants right off you.
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