There are many reasons to have a massage. Many see it as a luxury but massage is so much more than that. From relaxation to increasing your range of movement. Massage helps to reduce pain and discomfort in the body caused from stress, repetitive activities, sporting activities or injuries. If you want to be performing at your peak, physically or mentally, consider massage as not just a luxury, but a necessity in self care.

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Muscle Pain & Tension Release

Tension and tight areas of the muscles are manipulated and massaged to allow the “knots” to soften and release, decreasing pain and restrictions of movements.

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Lowers Blood Pressure & Heart Rate

The relaxing environment helps to put the mind at ease and allow you to let go of the stress and tension of everyday life.  When in a relaxed state, your breathing starts to slow, your body starts to relax which compels the heart rate to lower and blood pressure to fall.

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Peak Performace

If the movement in your body is restricted due to tension, pain or injury, massage can aid in the recovery to full range of motion and have you performing at your peak again. 

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Stress & Anxiety Relief

A warm and welcoming environment helps to make you feel safe and comfortable. The long flowing movement of relaxation massage puts the nervous system into a parasympathetic (rest and digest) state. It allows you space to just be. Massage also helps to lower the stress hormone, cortisol, decreasing the effects of stress, anxiety and depression

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Increased Flexibility

When muscles become tight, they put extra strain on the ligaments and tendons increasing pressure on the joints. Releasing the muscle tension around the joints allows more freedom of movement of the joint with decreased restrictions, therefore increasing flexibility.

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Relaxation of Mind, Body & Soul

As you walk through the door to the massage room, your busy world is left  behind and you will be lulled into a space of freedom that is all about you and the moment. A space free of stress and worry. A space that allows you to just be, to relax, to let go and find peace.

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Massage: improving lives, one body at a time.

The clinic is all-inclusive to the diverse community in which we live, offering massage to the unique individual you are, with respect, compassion and complete confidentiality. Any specific concerns you have may be discussed with your massage therapist prior to your appointment or treatment.

Your health and wellness are important to those who are important to you.

Book online below, or contact me to discuss any further information you may require.

When booking your initial consultation it is recommended that a 90 minute appointment be made to allow time to fill out forms, assess your issues and make a plan to help get you back to the wonderful self you know you can be.

                                                                Do something today that your future self will thank you for.

What our clients think …

Patti Dodd - Founder of Palm View Massage and Yoga


I’m Patti Dodd, owner operator of Palm View Massage and Yoga, out at Bouldercombe, just 20km from the heart of Rockhampton. I am a qualified Remedial Massage Therapist and  also qualified in cupping therapy, to further help you in your wellness journey.

When visiting Palm View you will experience the peaceful and relaxing surroundings of the gardens before entering the therapy room, where an assessment and short discussion on why you have come will be conducted and we make a plan to reduce your restrictions and decrease your pain.  

Repetitive movements, poor postures or injury can add pressure and tension to certain muscles and joints putting the body’s ability to function correctly out of balance.When the body is suffering it can then lead to changes of mood, headaches and irritability. Massage helps to bring balance and function back to the body and mind, through gentle manipulations of the muscles to release what is holding your body hostage.

Patti Dodd



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Where To Find Us