The union of the mind, body and breath. This connection helps to bring inner peace into your life and bring a greater sense of self awareness.
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About Yoga

Yoga was created through studying then imitating nature. This is why the postures used have names like tree pose, down/upward dog, eagle, etc. We can learn so much from nature as with the philosophy behind the yoga pose. In a tree pose we find our roots, get grounded, turn over a new leaf, remain flexible with the winds of time and change but always continue to keep growing. In boat pose, we can’t adjust the wind but we can adjust our sails. The philosophy is an aid to encourage us think about how we are approaching things and how we may be able to take a different, more positive and beneficial approach to life an the issues that may arise.

“I love that the yoga sessions always involve both fun and relaxation. Patti keeps learning new material so we are not always doing the same techniques and the rate people fall asleep during the relaxation phase is always a good sign.”
Amanda Elledge, PEPT Rockhampton

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The Best of Yoga

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The deep breathing techniques increase the level of oxygen into the system and allows the body to expel more of what we no longer need. Deep breathing lowers blood pressure and reduces the effects of stress and anxiety, leaving the body and the mind feeling more relaxed but also more energized.
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Strength Building

Dysfunction and pain within the physical body can be caused through weakness or overworked and contracted muscles. Yoga brings balance through strength and stretch. Stretching out tight and contracted muscles whilst building strength where muscles maybe weak. Yoga works the body as a whole system aiming to bring the body back into state of homeostasis.  functioning properly.
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Stress Relief

Yoga is a mind-body practice that combines physical poses, controlled breathing, and meditation or relaxation.
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Relax & Refresh

The breathing exercises, relaxation techniques, and postures help to give you the tools to let go of the physical and mental tension we carry. Slowing the breath, put the bodys’ nervous system into a parasympathetic state. (rest and digest). This help the body to relax, and let go of resistance.
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Beauty of Body

Learn acceptance of what is, without attachment to what we think should be. You are perfect just the way you are. Your imperfections are what makes you unique, perfect and authentically you. Shine that light for the world to see. Be apologetically who you are.
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Mind & Soul

Yoga is a group of mental, physical, and spiritual practices that help elevate your mood, cleanse your spirit, invigorate your body, and sharpen your mind.

Yoga creates a sustainable fitness of the body but also of the mind. Yoga is on the mat and in the studio, but the tools you will learn to help respond to challenges, can be taken off the mat and introduced into life and the challenges we experience every day. Performing any new task takes time and practice to feel comfortable and confident in doing it. We say “yoga practice” because that is exactly what we do. Over time and with practice, yoga will gently come into your life and you will notice the positive changes both mentally and physically, Take some time to get to know yourself. Connect with self. Be yourself.

Join A Class Today

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Palm View

52739 Burnett Hwy, Bouldercombe

Classes, $12.00 per adult

10 Class Pass $100 To be used at any classes with no expirty date.

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No classes during school holidays.

Bouldercombe – 6pm Monday nights

Mount Morgan No7 Gallery – Tuesday 9.30am and Saturday – 7am



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Private Classes

The session is individualized and designed around you and your needs with your goals in mind. Target specific areas that need attention or deepen your practice of yoga. 

1 Hour Yoga


Stretch and Strengthen Class

This class ranges in age of 7 to 73 at present and anyone can attend. We move through some gentle postures and hold them for a period to build strength in weak muscles and to stretch overused and contracted  muscles. We also take the time to notice our bodies and our minds. We notice how things feel. Everything from the cool breeze upon our skin to the areas in the body that are holding tension. The one thing I often hear from the people is “Do you have to get up and down off the floor all the time?” In this class, we start on the floor, slowly move through different postures until we are standing. We then do standing postures and work our way back down to the floor to finish the class with an amazing relaxation. The only expectation is that you work with your body and listen to it. Never stretch beyond your own limitations. This is where the injuries happen. It is explained how to align your body into each posture. There are no judgements so you are able to feel comfortable and included, whatever level you are at.

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Yoga Flow

Moving with intention, becoming present, gracefully flowing from one posture to another. The yoga unites the breath with the movement in a choreographed sequence, giving a sense of dancing with the breath. Starting with gentle warmups and moving into the flow sequences and ending with stretches and a relaxation. Modifications can be made for any area that concerns you or where you may have limitations.

Moving with the breath helps to maintain an even genlte pace increasing our ability to block out distractions, to become more aware and present within our own body and mind, creating inner harmony.


Why Choose Us

Customized Private Classes For Every Student

When booking a private class, please supply a little bit of information on what your concerns are, any injuries and what industry you work in, for the purpose of building a program to suit your individual needs. These classes can be held at any of the amazing parks in Rockhampton and surrounds or at the Bouldercombe studio.  Appointments available through the booking tab below.

Book online or head to the CONTACT US page to find contact details.

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Patti Dodd

Patti Dodd

Massage Therapist & Yoga Instructor

As a massage therapist, I have a more scientific approach to yoga. I know about the muscles and the way they work, injuries, referred pain and the need to stretch strong muscles and strengthen areas of weakness. I also know that not every body has the ability to be a contortionist, which is how yoga is sometimes being portrayed in the media. It can be a goal, but in reality some bodies will just not be able to these advanced postures. I recognize this and tailor my classes to the people who arrive on the day. If there are varying levels of ability or injuries, I will give options or modifications so that every person will experience the benefits of yoga. Each body has it’s own limitations and all students are encouraged and advised to only do what feels right them. No one can know how something feels except the person feeling it.


What People Are Saying

“Thank you so much to you both for being so welcoming, i loved the Yoga. Leesa and I will be back…”
Nicole Clark

Student , Palm View

“I recommend Palm View therapy services to anyone. I have been a client for massage, access bars and yoga since the beginning and it has been great to see Patti constantly develop and improve her skills. She does a fantastic job removing all the tension knots from my back and is able to work with my old back injury.”
Amanda Elledge

Student , PEPT Rockhampton

“Love it. Since starting yoga I feel so much better!”
Sheryl Poulsen

Student , Palm View

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