Yoga Dance



  Honouring  Earth

We are the earth – All is connected

In honour of our great mother, nature and all its creatures, this dance will help us to attune to the elements, the beauty and the offerings of the earth.

It is flowing, graceful and powerful – the musical invitation calling imagination to soar as breath connects even deeper into movement and increased awareness of our connection to the earth.

In its initial state all that we have has come from our great mother earth.

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In yoga dance we begin with primary physical connection, the relationship of asana (pose) to asana as they sequence and support each other in forming a dance. Once the structure of dance is begun, we sequence from learning – to    doing – to being. The art of sequencing deepens not only Asana flow, but the flow of life. It brings greater stability on, and off the mat, supporting surprising connections between the body, mind and emotions.

The dance is choreographed to stimulate healing, creativity and joy. Stress is reduced from the opening and connection of the subtle body layers, to building greater awareness and freedom of movement, thought and feeling.

As the dances deepen, our relationship to the movement becomes a place where we honour and love Self. You will find there is an increase of sensory perception and internal power through use of conscious breath, mudras and     repetition. You grow an expanded ability to express easily and confidently. Achieving this greater connection, this empathic understanding of self, and with one another, we change our lives one dance at a time.

One of the primary goals in doing the dances is the intention moving the body through each segment, connecting it physically and emotionally to the entire piece. As a goal this creates a different intelligence. New neural pathways     are formed. As the dances are practised, these neural pathways grow bolder, opening the body to become more aware of its intentions, and move through a day very differently.

Yoga asks us to stand present in the Practice, as do the Yoga Dances. But Yoga Dances fire up emotional awareness, even longing. They awaken desires for connection, not only with Self, but with others. They create pathways   making us more aware of how we wish to charge and change each day.


Patti and Val crossed paths in 2015 when Patti was working up hours to complete her Yoga Teacher Training. Val kindly offered to allow Patti to teach part of her classes to gain the confidence needed when teaching. It was from   there that the love of yoga and the passion for what it represents has kindled a beautiful friendship between the two.


28th and 29th March 2020

9am – 4pm

  Rod Laver Hall

on Lion Ck Rd



  Option 1: Pay in full $80

  Option 2: Pay $40 to secure your place. Pay the remaining $40 upon arrival on 28/03/20


  • Water bottle
  • Comfortable clothing for ease of movement
  • Lunch
  • Morning and Afternoon Tea will be supplied

For more information on how to register contact

Patti Dodd on – 0429 005 210 or

Val Broome on – 0421 440 240




  Val Broome

Val has been teaching yoga for the past 20 years having completed her Teacher Training with
IYTA (International Yoga Teachers Association) in 1999. In 2010 she completed a Therapy Training
Course through Byron Yoga Centre, to assess and provide a holistic yoga-based treatment plan for
people with special needs. “One of my passions has been to further develop and express my own
physical and spiritual yoga practice in a much deeper way – an embodied way – a moving celebration of
body, mind & spirit. Hence my love for yoga dance which flows naturally and freely and takes you on a
beautiful journey. I am thrilled to co-facilitate this yoga dance workshop with Patti and hope we will
continue to bring more joy in this expression of yoga with future workshops.”

  Patti Dodd


Patti completed her Yoga Teacher Training on the Sunshine Coast in 2016 and started teaching
immediately. Patti has also recently completed her Remedial Massage Diploma. “The human body and
the way it moves and heals itself has always fascinated me.” She loves to explore different types of yoga and fell in love with the flowing and graceful yet powerful movements of yoga dance. “I love to dance and just let my body     move to the rhythm or beat, but when you learn yoga dance there is meaning and passion behind each move. You are moving on purpose. Intentionally.” Patti hopes this is the first of many yoga dance workshops that she is to co-     host with Val Broome